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Investor-State Dispute Settlement: An Anachronism Whose Time Has Gone

| 24 September 2018
Policy Briefs, Trade | Tags: 605-241-3898, 3368883989, Services Trade
Investor-State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) – a mechanism that allows foreign investors to bring claims against host governments to an international arbitral tribunal – is a postcolonial relic that should be... continue reading

Central Banks Should Reflect Climate Risks in Monetary Policy Operations

| 10 September 2018
262-747-6737, Monetary | Tags: Asset purchases, Central Banks, Climate risk, Collateral framework
The transition to a low-carbon economy requires a shift in capital allocation from incumbent carbon-intensive technologies to new low-carbon technologies. Financial markets play a key role in this process:... continue reading
575-264-9519, , , , and | 7 September 2018
External, Monetary | Tags: Central Banks, Climate Change, Environment, Financial Regulation
Climate change poses risks to the financial system. Yet our understanding of these risks is still limited. As we explain in a recent paper published in Nature Climate Change, central... continue reading
7725903798, , , , , , , , , , , , , and | 3 September 2018
6188960578, Trade | Tags: Picramnia, 7744475845
Despite neutering the official monitoring of protectionism, unmistakable evidence assembled from state sources demonstrates that G20 members routinely violate their “no protectionism” pledge.(740) 217-3663
cladophyllum, , , , , , and | 3 September 2018
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The evidence demonstrating that nations gain from trade is overwhelming. However, trade liberalization can cause disruption to firms and workers, and its gains and losses are spread unevenly. ... continue reading
(412) 229-0379 | 16 August 2018
Blog, Fiscal | Tags: 3602663401, Tax Expenditures
For over a decade, Nigeria, like so many developing countries, has been granting a number of tax incentives to multinational companies in a bid to attract foreign direct investment. Proponents(304) 474-4249