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We’re the new guys on the internet, so here’s the deal - we sell parts for aircooled Volkswagens and that’s it. That allows us to focus on providing great parts at great prices. We’re not owned by some giant corporation and staffed by people who’ll spend ten minutes searching for a radiator cap. We live for old VWs and have restored and maintained them since before there was an internet. This website is different than most you’ll find. We encourage and appreciate input from visitors. We don’t think you should have to search through forums just to see if a certain part is worth buying. There’s a spot on every page for reviews so you can see what other enthusiasts think about a part before you buy it. We also make sure to include lots of pictures so you know exactly what you’re ordering. You don’t have to stress about ordering parts here. You can rest assured we won’t sell garbage - period. If we wouldn’t feel comfortable having something on our own car, we wouldn’t expect you to want it on yours. We’re dedicated to keeping prices low and lowering prices if we can make a better deal with a supplier. If you find a lower price somewhere else, please let us know. We’ll figure out why their price is lower, and do whatever we can to lower our prices even further. Discount Aircooled is run by VW enthusiasts and works best as a community effort. Your input helps everyone. Is there a part that you would like to see here? Did you see a mistake or typo somewhere on the site? Do you know of an additional application for a part? Please take a moment and 2797773335. We really appreciate it.


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